A year in review

Highlights 2019

First combined solar and battery project

In May, Scatec Solar secured its first combined solar and battery project with IOM – UN Migration. This project will supply solar power to the Humanitarian Hub in Malakal, South Sudan and will reduce the Hub’s diesel fuel usage by 80-90%. The Hub hosts nearly 300 workers from 34 organisations involved in humanitarian projects.

“We are excited to have secured our first hybrid solar plant project. This is a key milestone for us as it marks the start of our cooperation with the United Nations.”, said CEO, Raymond Carlsen.

Grid connected first solar power plant in Mozambique

The 40 MW solar power plant in Mocuba, became the first large scale solar power plant in Mozambique when Scatec Solar and partners started commercial operation in July 2019. In August, Mozambique’s president officially inaugurated the Mocuba solar plant.

The plant will be an important contributor to increase the share of renewable power in the country by delivering clean energy to around 175,000 households, and produce 79 GWh per year of much needed electricity to the northern regions of Mozambique.

Celebration of 1 GW in operation

In August, Scatec Solar’s asset portfolio exceeded 1 GW in operation when the fourth solar plant i Benban, Egypt, started commercial operation. The 1 GW in operation will power more than 970,000 households.

“We are proud to achieve the first GW in operation milestone, once again confirming the strong dedication by our team and partners to deliver solar power projects predictably”, said CEO, Raymond Carlsen.

First solar plant completed in Ukraine

Scatec Solar grid connected its first solar power plant in Ukraine, together with partner Rengy Development, in August. The 47 MW Rengy plant, situated in the Mykolaiv region in the South of Ukraine, started commercial operation only 13 months after the project was secured.

The project will deliver clean energy to around 15,000 households and contribute to avoid about 22,000 tons CO2 per year.


Introducing Release - Containerised solar

In September, Scatec Solar launched Release – Making solar simple, the new generation renewable power. Release is a fully scalable solar power solution offering industrial players reliable, clean and cost- efficient containerised solar power through flexible leasing agreement.

“Essentially, we are making solar as simple as possible, while at the same time providing end-users with a highly reliable power source”, said CEO, Raymond Carlsen.

Growth target raised to 4.5 GW by end 2021

At the Capital Markets Update in September, Scatec Solar presented the company’s expanded platform for increased growth and raised its growth target by 1 GW to 4.5 GW in operation and under construction by end 2021. Additionally, a new target for annual growth of 1.5+ GW from 2022 and onwards was introduced.

“We are raising our growth ambitions, driven by a strong solar market and a steadily increasing pipeline of high quality projects. Solar is the lowest cost source of energy across sun-rich regions, and with renewables expected to provide 50% of all power globally by 2050, we will continue to support goverments and corporates in making the shift to renewable energy”, said Raymond Carlsen.

Our largest project completed - Benban 390MW

Scatec Solar and partners completed the 390 MW Benban solar project near Aswan in Upper Egypt. The project was both our first, as well as the world’s largest solar plant to utilise bi-facial modules. Scatec Solar is the single largest contributer to the 1.8 GW Benban Solar Park – one of the world’s biggest solar parks.

The bi-facial solar modules are producing energy from both sides of the panel, increasing the clean energy generation. The estimated annual electricity production is 870 GWh. This is enough to provide clean energy for more than 420,000 households in Egypt, and will contribute to avoid about 423,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

World record in Argentina

In October, Scatec Solar set a world record at the Guanizuil project in Argentina. The team installed 54,090 solar modules in less than 12 hours, which is almost 18 MW of the 117 MW total solar plant capacity. 300 people divided into 10 teams participated in the “module installation challenge day” and contributed to the worl record.

The solar plant is covering an area larger than 380 soccer fields and will contribute to avoid 107,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Letter from our CEO

Collaborating with nature

Scatec Solar is riding a global wave of renewable power that is increasing in size every day. We were founded in 2007 on the idea that the solar power market would grow significantly in the coming decades. Our development and performance in 2019 demonstrate that we are well on our way to expanding our platform for increased growth.

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Target by end 2021

Introduction to Release - Making solar simple

In 2019, Scatec Solar launched a service that offers industrial players in emerging markets access to flexible, reliable and low-cost power through solar plant leasing.

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